Kaydens' Three Girl Marshmallow Slime Scene
Kaydens and her two friends are all set to play with some green slime. Friend 1..lets call her Lorlei, is a bbw, and she sits in a plastic paddling pool and Kaydens and Jennifer cover her in thick sticky green marshmallow fluff slime. Having coated her in green marshmallow slime, they then move onto white marshmallow slime.

Then they drop what looks like bits of chocolate cake onto her from above

We get some lovely upskirt shots up Kayden's sexy black dress whilst this is all occurring.

Next it's yellow marshmallow-y slime. She is well and truly coated now. Next it is Kaydens' turn to be placed into the pool and getting given the full array of the different coloured marshmallow slimes, plus the chocolate cake (or whatever it is!)

She gets totally covered, and loves playing in the pool, till her dress slips down exposing her nipples.

Last up it's Jennifer and once again she gets totally covered in the different coloured slimes and chocolate cake. Please note that there the sound did not record on this film, so music has been added.

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