Unreleased Messy Jessie Scene: Jessie the Target
Starring these models:
"Shot in 2015, this rare, unreleased Jessie scene finally gets a release"

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Runtime:12 mins, 44 secs
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Jessie and Cherry are chatting in the office. Cherry says she wants to check Jessie hasn't forgotten about Ruby's instruction that she and Erica be given pie throwing practice with a human pie target..her deadline was tomorrow and she'd hate Jessie to get in trouble with Ruby.

Jessie admits she had forgotten and says she'll call one of the temps to be the victim. After trying a couple of numbers she realises the time...everyone has left for the day

She asks Cherry what she can do? She can't look incompetent with Ruby over such a simple instruction Cherry 'reluctantly' points out if Jessie doesn't want to get into trouble with Ruby, the only other option is she could allow Cherry and Erica to practice on Jessie, using the lovely cream pies left over from the last wamming..but with Jessie in a lovely new outfit that would be awful.

Jessie says Cherry has deliberately waited till now, when she has no other options, to remind her. Cherry does her best 'butter wouldn't melt' and says she was only trying to help Jessie by reminding her now.

Jessie agonises but finally says she has no choice but to be the human pie target. Cherry calls Erica in and sombrely explains that given the circumstances, Jessie has agreed to help. Erica should react with excitement and joy 'you mean we get to ruin her lovely outfit' but Cherry should chastise her for her lack of empathy with poor Jessie

They set the throwing line as per Ruby's requirement but eventually after a few pies each, Cherry moves the line closer 'you'd want us to be able to tell Ruby how well we are doing under your guidance'

Jessie protests but the girls do it anyway

Now they are hitting her more often

After a few hits, Jessie says she feels that is plenty of practice, but the girls don't agree..they want to be the best they can be, and are happy to put the work in.

After a few more goes Cherry and Erica completely abandon the rules, and the line, and just walk up to Jessie and pie her firmly. Jessie protests "no wait, you can't do that, no no no no, that's not the rules ' 'Girls, please!' etc

The naughty girls then ask 'shall we practice treacle pouring', 'practice pie sandwich' 'practice pie boobs' 'practice gunge pouring'. They are just each grabbing pies and pieing Jessie who is spluttering and protesting

Finally after just shoving the last few pies at her in a quick fire barrage, Cherry and Erica say that they will happily tell Ruby that Jessie allowed them to have their practice and it went really well. Jessie doesn't think it went that well given she's been destroyed by pies, and her beautiful new outfit ruined, but the girls point out that is the role of a human pie target.

Jessie leaves to get cleaned up, and Erica and Cherry congratulate each other at contriving this opportunity, and chat about the highlights

Please note the low price reflects the low resolution video quality which is SD and definitely not pin sharp
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