Pie Destruction: Kaydens Takes 14 Pies to the Face
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Kaydens is talking to you, her boyfriend. She is so glad you found each other. She is glad you asked her to make a video for you

Suddenly Kaydens says she feels like there is a ghost in the room...then she starts acting strangely: "No!" she yells "I can't control my hands"

The ghost makes her self-pie in the face

"What!" she screams

Splatt..she pies herself in the face again, and splatt a third time, and splatt...a fourth time

Pie residue is now all over her hoodie and her trousers

She tries talking to you again, but then throws a pie at herself spllatt! this fifth pie gets her full in the face

A sixth pie gets her in the face, quickly followed by the seventh. "Who turned out the lights?" she yells, her face totally obliterated by pie. Before she can recover, the eighth pie hits her.

It's no surprise when pie number nine gets her in the face "I just took a shower and put on make-up" she wails just before Pie ten hits her.

She can barely catch her breath before Pie eleven hits her.

Her hoodie and trousers are totally covered in pie

Pie twelve and Kaydens is forced to really smush this one into her face...

Pie thirteen is unlucky for some..we;ll, unlucky for Kaydens as her face is just a white blob now

There follows a bit of a gap/..."Pheww, at least it's over" says Kaydens before being forced to pie herself again. Pie fourteen is the biggest yet.

Then a slightly surreal ending which must be seen to be believed

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