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Best Group Film & Best Non-Adult Film: Epic 9 Girl Piefight (co-production with Mostwam)
Best F/F Film: Men In Need (The Messy Telethon)

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Custom Videos
Custom Requests are welcome. Extra special affordable rates for those whose customs match our overall house style. Wide selection of gorgeous models. Read our 5 star custom reviews for extra assurance. Experienced producer with twenty years on umd.

Please note, for the smoothest and easiest interaction, please ensure that in your initial outline you give full details of what you want from your scene, so we don't have to play email tennis :)

To give you a quote I need to know which models you are interested in (the more flexibility you have, the quicker and easier it will be), what clothes they wear in the scene, what level does the scene go to..clothed, nude, masturbation..or more, how long do you think the scene should last, what mess is used and how much of it.

If you provide this info up front, I will be able to get you your (totally no-obligation) quote straight away! See below for reviews
Sent by real customers
Two uniformed sploshing lovelies in messy, mutual trashing!
There's a wonderful exuberance about this clip, featuring two of the most Wam-able of Reverend Slymsford's models (and that's saying something), Adriana and Nikki. The delightfully playful up-skirt shots at the opening of the clip set the mood for what it is to come: a disagreement between Nikki (dressed as a "schoolgirl") and Adriana (dressed as cheerleader) soon "escalates" (to borrow an expression from the clip's promotional description) into a tit-for-tat between these two sploshing lovelies, where Nikki's lingerie comes in for a particularly energetic trashing from Adriana. There are some particularly good reactions from Nikki when Adriana sets out filling Nikki's panties front and back! with some lovely, sticky syrup. [It's worth mentioning that this is a foodfight that also involves paint, possibly a point of controversy for some viewers.] Oh and there's a short BTS exchange with Adriana and Nikki at the end: a most welcome addition, as it confirms what the rest of the clip has amply demonstrated that these girls understand the pleasures of WAM and delivering a really good tit-for-tat trashing. Look forward to more clips with them both, they're a great team!
-Oops    28 days ago    
Kacie James. The first of many for a legend!
Kacie is a true legend when it comes to Wam. She's gone on to a successful career in mainstream adult entertainment but to me she will always be the beautiful young lady who willingly and happily let herself get smothered in all sorts of messy concoctions.

Being the first video she ever starred in, this is not a truly professional production, but just like finding a suitcase of music by The Beatles might set off a riot, this one deserves a riot of it's own.

There are many WAM models who have come and gone since, but in my mind, none can beat one of the originals!

Thank you, Kacie, I hope we see your beautiful face getting submerged under messy substances for many more years to come!
-Nerblenerble    8/19/23    
Myra is gorgeous, and she looks even more amazing in the slop!
This scene is all about savory pours, but you absolutely don't need to be full into savory in order to love it. Myra is absurdly adorable, and she looks incredible covered in the slop. She spends the first three minutes of the scene sitting in the remains of the previous scene and getting taped into place, so you'll have plenty of time to appreciate how cute her face, tits, and pussy are before they get completely coated in a nice variety of thick slop. Once the pours start, they don't let up. The variety of the mess is great, and the coverage is magnificent. Most of the scene is shot wide, but about halfway through, there's a minute of outstanding close ups, mostly of Myra's pussy, and three pours. It's absolutely memorizing to watch the slop flow around the soft contours of her lips, and see it slowly cover her perfect- Umm... Let's just say I liked it. You should check it out.
-WritesNaughtyReviews    8/15/23    
Footjob and pies in her face--how could it not be great?
Soooo hot! Footjobs pies in the face, it can't be any better!

(Could end with her smashing a pie in his face tough, but still great)
-wansf00    6/18/23    
Astoundingly hot messy lesbian fun!
This scene is mouthwateringly messy, insanely intimate, and absolutely beautiful. If you've ever watched a scene with Luna and Dymphna, then you know how intense their chemistry is. If, on the other hand, you've never seen them in action, then stop reading this review right now, watch this scene, and appreciate it firsthand. The mess is wonderfully thick, and it was hypnotizing to watch Luna spread it all over Dymphna's face and tits, to say nothing of the erotic and sensual kissing. It just gets hotter when Dymphna trades places with Luna and kisses and licks her way over Luna's tits and down her stomach. Then, in one of the most beautiful things ever recorded in video, she spends over four minutes licking Luna's pussy clean. I could probably reach the review character limit describing how Dymphna's tongue gently explores Luna's lips, or flicks lightly over her clit, but you really deserve to see it for yourself.
-WritesNaughtyReviews    6/9/23    
The beautiful Honour May gets you to Jack off.
This video features the beautiful Honour May wearing a lovely dress. In the beginning she lifts her dress up, revealing her sexy panties and pulls the front of them forward while encouraging you to jack off. Later she takes the dress off and you get to see her in just her bra and panties. I gave this 5 hearts, highly recommend.
-HomerJ220    6/9/23    
Loved watching Myra get covered in sloppy and colorful slime!
This scene is super fun to watch, and has a ton of unique bits that will definitely keep me coming back to it. Myra is absolutely adorable, and she looks stunning as she gets thoroughly slimed in a huge variety of colors. The slime has a perfect blend of weight and chunkiness so that it flows and covers beautifully while still having an amazingly sloppy texture to it. Also, I don't know if it's the way Myra was sitting or what, but the first two pours flow down over her face and go almost entirely into her dress. I have no idea if this was intentional or a happy accident, but I love it. Since there's no mess on top, you can watch the slime fill the dress up little by little and see it darken as the slime starts to soak through. It has a really inviting glisten, and when the dress does come off, you can see that her skin is already nicely covered. It's beautiful. In the end, Myra winds up taking pours totally naked, and that's always something I like to see.
-WritesNaughtyReviews    6/7/23    
Tight white T-shirts and shiny shorts in a splendid messy "prize"
Aside from the perfect sploshing costumes tight white T-shirts and shiny shorts this clip starts with the pleasing premise that Kay has won a prize on a TV show and is anxious to receive it. And receive it she does in the form of a thorough trashing (slopping, in the parlance of the clip) from a bubblingly enthusiastic Satine Spark. Satine can't hide her sadistic glee at the administering of the "prize," and poor Kay becomes ever more subdued as the foodstuffs and gunge get poured on her and thrown over her. Both models fill out their costumes in a delightful way and there is a sense of genuine exasperation when Kay sighs, "surely that's enough..".. It turns out not to be. Slow-motion repeats capture some of the highlights of Kay's messy and humiliating ordeal, and there's the added satisfaction in knowing that in a follow-up clip, Kay gets her revenge on Satine... Saturday morning telly has never been so much fun as it is in this clip!
-Oops    5/16/23    
Perfect! Just perfect!
Rafa and Daniel have made it possible to wrap all my masculine Gunge fantasies into two scenes. I've always imagined something like this. Seeing it now makes me faint. Thank you for your passion and the most beautiful French kiss I have seen in a long time! Keep having fun with your productions! I love you! And the team behind you!
-Tit4Tat    3/14/23    
A Sensual and Erotic Scene
"Superstar Model Honour May Trashed... " has always been on my "To Buy" list ever since I caught a sample of it in one of Rev Slymsford's "Best Of Pies" compilation videos. And boy does it not disappoint. The gorgeous Honour May plays her part with expertise with lots of sexy conversation throughout. Teasing the viewer right up until the messy payoff. She's an absolute stunner to boot too. Huge plus points for the use of her elegant dressing gown paired with stockings and suspenders, which are kept on throughout. The same can't be said about her knickers, which is another plus point! When the pies are put in use Honour gives it her all culminating in some seriously hot mastubation. If I had to make a criticism it would be that we never got much of a glimpse of her lovely backside. Seeing her pie her bum would have been the cherry on top an already excellent scene. More glamour mixed in with nudity please!
-rufige1992    3/3/23    
Whoever you are Tiswas Girl... you have my heart!
She is the most sexy girl I have seen in a while... getting buckets of water thrown at her over and over. Then a final pie just for good measure.

Watching her keep repeating that same story over and over is actually really funny. I wish they had made more shows like Tiswas, it sounds like fun.
-GoOfBaLL223    2/15/23    
Great script
Amazing scene. The script was perfect. Lottie is a great actress. More firmly thrown pies like these please!
-Pie Blaster    12/28/22    
Eggcellent Video, 10 out of 10
Download came good. What an eggcellent video, totally worth the small amount of money. Yes, for sure hot and... phew ')
-sploshalot    12/21/22    
A dream scene for a dream job.
Lotti Rose is sizzling sitting there buck naked holding those pies. She takes her job very seriously and thoroughly tests all the pies with wonderful enthusiasm and critics. Where can I sign up for this job. The mess is wonderful. Different types of pies and gunge make this scene a wonderful addition to any messy collection.
-mhop    12/19/22    
If your a huge fan of gameshows and mess this series is a must.
Episode 3, with some more wonderful host punishments a lucky winner of the bling and a wonderful game of strip rock, paper, scissors with a very messy punishment for the loser.
-mhop    12/19/22    
A wonderfully messy conclusion in this episode.
Episode 4 shows lovely ladies stripping down to get very messy in the guys versus girls game. Bright color slime and very messy pies ensure they do not end up clean. The pies with flan crusts are a nice touch.
-mhop    12/19/22    
More messy fun in episode 2.
A wonderful continuation of the Monthly summer 2022 gameshow series and is a must-own for anyone who has episode 1. Messy games are the best.
-mhop    12/19/22    
Shiny shorts, mess with lovely models.
Part 2 of this great scene, loved the story line to start the messy game, actually a plausible suggestion to start the messy game, although in reality it maybe mentioned as a joke but those girls went ahead and played the game. You will need to see it to see what i mean, i don't want to spoil it for anyone thinking about watching it.
-windbreak    12/4/22    
Great start to this messy quizzing game.
I just love those shiny shorts and both girls did a great job, loved it. Starts with the girls getting changed into those lovely crisp shorts, I loved the story to this, i thought it was perfect and the idea to start the messy game. A must see.
-windbreak    12/4/22    
Failed miserably to keeps those shorts clean
Part 2 of the quiz and again not disappointed, Belle tried her best to keep those lovely shorts clean but despite her efforts the were lovly and messy along with the rest of her outfit. Belle was a great sport and did a great job with this scene. Another that keeps me coming back to watch both parts.
-windbreak    12/4/22    
Excellent again.
Since the first experiance was great, I went back for more twice.

Due to coronavirus, all UK shooting was suspended, and we had to have a third party execute, with Rev managing the process.

Everything went very smoothly and the resulting scenes were exactly what was requested despite a language barrier.

Since it went well, I went back, and we did a second scene where I basically provded a budget and asked for him to create a scene I would like based on some high level parameters, and this came back great as well.

I would strongly reccomend going to slymsford for customs if you have a reasonable idea of what you want.
-scroggle    11/26/20    
Top notch head dunking fun
Amazing in every way I got exactly what I asked for. Just 5 star all the way and not only that the turn around was very fast. Luna is such a little ball of energy and sexy.
-nashvilleslime    8/7/20    
I could get addicted to this!
This was my first time ever commissioning a custom shoot, and I have to say it was a fantastic experience all around and well worth the money. I say money, but the price was extremely reasonable and affordable! Reverend was extremely helpful in walking me through the process and helped coordinate everything between myself and the model, Luna. Luna herself followed everything to a T, and even went above and beyond what I had initially asked. Couldn't recommend it more!
-Zarfaust    5/26/20    
Amazing work!
Rev Slymsford is everything you could hope for in a custom WAM video producer. From his first reply to my request, he was devoted, responsive, and intent on getting the details right. Every step of the process was tailored to my desires, from casting to costuming to choice of mess. The end product hit all the right notes, thanks in no small part to brilliant acting from Louise and Cherry. Highly recommended!
-nativehugh    3/19/20    
Very good communication
Got 4 scenes from Rev. All were excellently successful.

I felt the pricing was very good from my end. I felt I got a very good deal by doing 4 scenes with the same 2 models.

The thing that stands out me most was the excellent project management / communication and attention to detail. He asked questions regarding the idea so i knew he understood what was going on for the idea, and he always let me know when the next contact would be so I never had to ask what the status was.
-scroggle    2/22/20    
Great custom experience!
This was my first custom with Rev. And it was outstanding! Rev was extremely pleasant to deal with and made every effort to make things easy. She communicated honestly and thoroughly about every aspect of the custom and helped me get it down to the cost i wanted. She helped pick out the perfect model who was amazing. Would recommend working with Rev and i hope to do so again. Thanks for the great experience!
-CUmessy    11/8/19    
Amazing video. Hit the nail rite on the head.
I recently had rev do another custom for me and he nailed once again. It was a bit pricey, but for the content3 it was amazing. He is great working with people on plans when they cant come up wit it all at once. He is an amazing director and if your looking for a custom shoot done, 110% reverent is the guy you wan to talk to.
-nhrafan    8/29/19    
Once again the Rev has delivered.
Once again the Rev has delivered. I ordered 2 customs the first featuring Axa and Satine and both girls gelled superbly and the result was excellent. They took the mess in style and seemed to have great pleasure in dishing it out to each other! The second clip was a wetlook special featuring Satine auditioning for the role of Weather girl whose forecast included loads of rain which resulted in the poor girl being soaked with a large number of buckerts of water! Once again despite her ordeal she took the punishment superbly. Two great girls, an easy efficient and speedy service from the Rev. Whats not to like!
-madmalc    8/21/19    
A pleasure working with Rev--friendly, helpful, and well priced
I had the pleasure of working with the Rev recently and I have to say the whole experience was very smooth and enjoyable.

He is a very genuine guy who is prepared to work with you to achieve the end product that you want. He listens to what you want, and how you would like it done but is also able to provide help and advice on outfits, scripts etc.

He has a wide variety of models ranging from the more mainstream PG types to x rated.

His pricing is very competitive, and if you're thinking of getting in touch then do so as you won't regret it.
-EnglishGent    8/17/19    
Absolute Perfection
I have been luck enough to sponsor a couple of scenes, just add in some delightful ripping and cutting to ensure the ladies outfit is well and truly destroyed. Skirts, shoes, bras and knickers have all ended up in the bin.

It is an absolute pleasure to communicate with Rev, he is open and suggestive to make sure the buyers get what they ask for and never fails to disappoint.

If you have some spare case, the Rev can and does make dreams come true.
-16parkvilla    7/17/19    
Very happy with the finished product!
I just recently work with Rev on a custom shoot with Liz. Let me just say that together they absolutely nailed it! Rev is a true professional, and I intend to work with him again in the near future if he'll have me. Thank you so much Rev, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience of working with you.
-Luvthawam    7/15/19    
Well worth is the Tiswas girl is awesome!
Ordered a custom with the Tiswas Girl, it is called a half hour smoking / shaving cream challenge.

It is not easy I have a lot of details and she knocked it out of the park.

I loved all the dialog she put in and made the experience well worth it for my money.

I might add I gave them a budget and they came in well below what I thought it would be so I feel I got value for my money!
-stopgo    5/1/19    
Messy slapstick humiliation from a true believer!
Messy slapstick humiliation paradise! And a great value for the price! If you're into that aspect of WAM, this site will not disappoint. Over 20 years I've been a member of many sites (Messygirl, Wambabes, wamf,...etc.) and the Slymsford site rocks my world as much as any of them but with a fresh unique style from a true believer in slapstick WAM. The girls really get it and the messes are just what I like mostly sweet stuff, some great English stuff (treacle, porridge) and some wicked paint thrown in to boot. The contributions from other producers (Ariel, Jayce, Jilly, Jessie,... etc.) are a real treat too. Long live the Rev!
-smess    2/8/19    
Review of sponsorship experience for "Flying Air Cream!"
I offer this note as a review of my experience in sponsoring a custom video, “Flying Air Cream!” with Rev. Since I’m likely somewhat biased as regards the video itself, I’ll leave that review to someone else, should they wish, and stick to the sponsorship.

While flying commercially a while back I was struck by an inspiration for a risqué WaM-oriented sketch based on the traditional pre-flight instructions to passengers. Even though it was intended as primarily sexy/messy/humorous, rather than the humiliation genre that Rev does so well, I sent it off to him to see if he’d be interested in shooting it as a custom. At about 13 pages, the outline gave a fairly solid idea of what I was looking for, but also left considerable latitude for him to add to it. I found our interaction quite professional. He indicated what he could and couldn’t do with the models and facilities available. He offered possible ways to make the sketch easier to film, and less expensive. He asked a lot of questions, probably more than for any of the dozen or so customs I’d previously sponsored with other producers. When we were both confident that we were on the same wavelength, he proposed a sponsorship fee, which I accepted. Knowing that the texture of the pies was important to me, he experimented with different fillings, and sent me images of what they would look like on a model, this so that I could choose the texture, colour, etc., that I liked best. He offered clear indications of when a shoot could take place, and kept to that schedule. As well, he kept me informed as pre-production progressed exactly how I wanted things to proceed.

I couldn’t be there for the shoot, but the production, and subsequent editing went well, and on schedule. Being comprehensive would make for a review that would be much too long, but I can offer some examples of the service that Rev (and the models he engaged for the shoot) provided.

I had intentionally specified a pretty basic backdrop he provided a rather more elaborate one that set the scene nicely, even designing a logo for “Air Cream” ditto for the props. I had asked for the set to be well-lit and the camera focus to be sharp, and he delivered. I’d specified the main action, and left a variety of details for him to fill in, and he did that well it sure helps to have one of our own at the helm. Among these were the gestures by the model portraying the flight attendant whichever of them was responsible, these were done so well and in keeping with her role that I found myself watching her almost as much as the messy nude passengers (well, the second time through, anyway). The pie sits were well executed, with the passenger models left wondering just what to do with the pie filling that had just oozed up between their legs, and then deciding to play with it. I also liked the way the passenger models, once allowed by the flight attendant’s instructions to use approved electronic devices, reached into their hand luggage and pulled out their dildos, and proceeded to massage them between their legs very well executed. I had put a pun into the script along the lines of “come again”/”cum again” and the passenger models ran with it, with some very realistic masturbation very much beyond my expectations. There were certainly other positive aspects as well, but I think these examples make the point sufficiently well as regards Rev’s (and his models’) level of execution.

All in all, Rev behaved very professionally, made sure he knew what I wanted, was creative with the unspecified portions of the “screenplay,” and filling in the gaps, and, likely with the assistance of the models he’d engaged for the sketch, threw in some extras. Gotta love it.
-aquantics1    2/5/19    
Great video. Hit it spot on. Couldn't ask for more.
Hello. Greg here. I recently had a custom video done by him. I have to say he absolutely nailed it. At a very reasonable price. I had told him exactly what I wanted and who with. He did an amazing job. The small details made the video. The make up and the hair styles were eite on. The way he accepted payments helped my situation greatly. I would definitily recommend him doing one for you. The resolution of the video was just like watching it on a big screen.    12/16/18    
The whole experience has been first class.
Rev has the ability to take an idea/fantasy from your head put it to paper and then make it a reality in a fantastic custom video. All communications with Rev were carried out in a timely and efficient manner. If i had a question he needed to look into he would set a time by which he would have the answer and pretty much each time answer well within that time frame. The same can be said after the custom was filmed. I was expecting it to take a week or so to edit but Rev managed to have it done in a day.

Rev is also very flexible on payment and very understanding to each individual. I also need to mention Rev has a fantastic group of models who he works with. For my custom i had the pleasure of Michelle and Cleo and both played there parts exactly how i wanted them--It seemed they really bought into the idea and enjoyed it and that came across in the final video.

All in all i would definitely love to have another custom video produced by Rev. The whole experience has been first class and i would recommend his services to anybody that is in two minds about ordering there own custom.

-mattb3008    8/20/18    
Great value; great pleasure; great result
Delighted with the result! Big thanks to Rev for following through request with minimum fuss but maximum enthusiasm and understanding. Honour May and Liz were the willing victims and I was very pleased with result. Would thoroughly recommend and very reasonably priced.
-madmalc    9/13/17    
Just Brilliant!
I've just had a scene done by the 'Reverend' with a new model, the lovely Rascal. I've always wanted to see a scene in a very particular format, and my have they both delivered. Rascal is very cute and Mr Rev is very good with his camera; they followed my idea exactly and gave me exactly what I wanted! I can fully recommend this guy to bring your fantasies to life. Also, even though these sort of films take alot of organising he kept me informed throughout, so he's a nice bloke to boot!
-jamies    11/12/16    
Great custom service 100% recommend
I recently commissioned a custom shoot with the amazing Honour May and delectable Faye Taylor via Reverend Slymsford. The service was first class with great communication and the final scene hitting my brief 100%. A really professional service which I fully recommend.
-andyj73    4/10/16    
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