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"Great models and great mess. Short but sweet."
Messotron  4/22/18

I really enjoyed this. Both girls look great and I love the improvised dialogue--they both have a skill for it, so the scene flows nicely. Feels quite natural. I think fans of Splosh and Ministry of Mess will love this scene. They really splat and pour the food onto each other. I'd love to see the same models do another, similar scene. How would I improve it?

Slow the pace slightly and make it five minutes longer. In particular, I felt the clothes came off too fast. I like to see the dresses get totally destroyed before being removed. Could have done with a few more pies to the face. I'd love to have seen some savoury mess in there: beans, flour, soup, spaghetti. One of my favourite elements is missing--no food poured into underwear!

Overall: the best WAM scene I've downloaded in a while. Get it!

"Wristwatch Wam at its best"
Hue and Pie  2/24/18

In this scene Rev demonstrates once again that he is a producer who accommodates the many different niche sub-fetishes which exist in this community (in this case its the Wristwatch Fetish), however there is plenty in this scene for all to enjoy.

There are pies, rice pudding, custard and an incredible use of yoghurt. The setup is one not often scene in a slymford sploshers scene--a solo model, however it is executed well and Faye is great throughout.

All in all, a highly recommended scene for all to enjoy.

"Lots of mess and a wedding dress!"
Hue and Pie  2/24/18

This is a fun scene with a huge variety of mess and the added benefit of two models who share a genuine friendship.

Since this is the second part of a two part scene, we are provided with a short recap of part 1, ensuring continuation in the storyline.

We are then treated to the destruction of Molly's dress, including wine, coffee, pies and treacle, which ends up everywhere!

My personal highlight is when Kacie squirts cream down Molly's cleavage!

More mess follows in the form of paint, fire extinguisher foam, mud and more pies, with the finale of a wedding cake, completing a totally awesome scene!

"Perfect ending to this set!"
philverymessy  1/29/18

The whole Bridesmaid vs waitress set has been excellent and contained everything I love to see in a messy video. Starting with the costumes and roleplay with a lot of slapstick... finishes with these two gorgeous ladies getting it on and enjoying the mess! As always, the production is excellent and of high quality, and it's perfect value for money. Your WAM collection is not complete until you have this in it, as well at the sub-plot vids with Kacie James and the bride!

"British plot-driven WAM at it's best!"
philverymessy  1/26/18

These scene, as with all of the scenes from this producer, is excellent. I am a big fan of scenes with a story, and this is a perfect example of just that as the models are not only beautiful but really act out their roles well. The reactions to the mess are perfect too, especially Satine!

The production itself is good quality, the clip is almost 14 minutes long which is amazing for the price, and there is no shortage of mess! Highly recommended to everyone.

"Goergeous girls, gunged with gooey gastronomic goodies."
Myds  12/12/17

Thankfully, Mollie is already nude in this one. Nice. Kacie takes it like a trooper--I mean an acting Trooper. Her beautiful face scrunches up so adorably as the messes are applied. This is one hell of a video. The Rev lives up to the high expectations he has earned.

"Yum. Beautiful ladies and sweet treats."
Myds  12/12/17

This is delightful. Kacie is so beautiful and Molly has the perfect body. Their interaction is hilarious and the mess is applied perfectly. Sorry for all the superlatives, but this is a great video!

"Love watch wam"
cam  11/24/17

Great vid. I am a watch fetishist. Would love more focus on the wrist watch but great vid to watch. Hope there is more watch wamming to come.

"A great scene!"
Wiggout1  9/18/17

Excellent video of the lovely honour may and faye,

Honour's reaction to her lingerie being gunged is always great especially with her pantys, looking forward for part 2, would love to see faye get stripped and trashed!

"Don't you point those things at me!"
Nollvane  8/30/17

After trashing and stripping her bridesmaid Kacie (summarized in a flashback at the beginning of the scene), bride Molly gets a taste of her own medicine! Kacie (already messy and naked) plops Molly down and thoroughly covers her and her dress in wine, coffee, pies, mud, paint, etc. while taunting her. Molly gasps and moans, and at one point fight backs a little, but she still takes it. Both girls are deliciously curvy, and cleavage fans will appreciate the view of full-figured Molly nearly popping out of her dress, even before Kacie strips it off. Both girls end up naked. Great coverage, very beautiful girls with real chemistry together, and some very thorough clothing destruction. Hot!

"White dress, mess? whats not to like"
chryslerfire  6/17/17

Pandora, you're something extra special ;) Loved the build up to the mess and Pandora's reaction after finding out she was about to be trashed. Would deferentially recommend.

"Great fun, humiliation scene"
Deathstroke  4/13/17

This is the second of 2 scenes I bought from Rev and what a pleasure it was, I wont gush to much but he's really a great producer and a great man who takes the time to discuss with the community if need be. The scene its self is fab. The messy humiliation of Maria by Jessie & Kitten is brilliant from luring her into a false sense of security to the outright humiliation with pies and gunge, right down to stripping her and finally sending her on her messy, naked, humiliated way. Its Jessie and Kitten at their devious best. A fab scene I would recommend in a heart beat for fans of Humiliation or Maria or both :)

"Kylie is an outstanding addition to the WAM community"
Piethro2  10/31/16

A few weeks ago I noticed some pics on UMD posted by Reverendsl of this lovely lady, who I later found out was named Kylie, in the pics she was dressed in black blouse & short skirt. I recognized her as someone who I've seen pics of before in another post by Maria aka My PieRogativ. I even made a post about the keyhole dress she was wearing which was similar to one worn by Messy Miah in a previous set of photos I'd seen on UMD. I have to say I was mesmerized by the pics of Kylie She is the type of model that I find very appealing and she was wearing the type of outfit I love seeing get messy. From the pics posted I knew that she was going to get pied. Of course I have always loved Maria's pics, posts and videos. The opportunity of perhaps the 2 of them getting messy together was something I had to see. I searched Rev's site and found the video featuring Kylie in her black blouse & short skirt, and downloaded it right away. A side note the video of her in the keyhole dress has not yet been released. I was hoping to purchase both. As I mentioned the video also features Maria who looks absolutely stunning in her short light green dress. The premise of the video is Kylie comes in to the office to get the treatment. Since none of the regulars are in & after a bit of discussion it falls on My PieRogative to administer the treatment. Kylie walks upstairs to the WAM Room where Maria begins to administer the treatment which starts off with foam pies to Kylie's pretty face and escalates from there. I don't want to give away too much of the plot here. There are great shots of the voluptuous Kylie's black blouse covered in mess and later Kylie in her messy bra which Maria thinks is way to sexy to be worn at the office. The video ends rather abruptly with the words To be continued. Can't wait for the continuation of this scene. I'd highly recommend this scene Kylie is an outstanding addition to the WAM community and I hope she will continue to star in many WAM scenes in the future, her interactions with the lovely Maria are fun to watch.

"Beautiful office wear ruined. Brilliant"
16parkvilla  10/1/16

Another great scene from the Rev. If you like smart office clothes getting ruined then this is a must. Yes the acting may not be as sharp and as polished as previous scenes, this does not distract from a great trashing. The sound of the ripping satin is just heavenly, knowing it is now in the bin. Bring on part 2

"Totally Fab!"
jamies  7/31/16

Completely love this scene, love the way the girls look so lovely and smart and the way Pandora gets totally trashed, and her exquisite reaction--great shots, always nice to see upskirt action too! Buy This Now!

"Great scene pack with a buildup and a teardown, first part!"
Edorin  7/31/16

This multipart includes 2 movies: the buildup (dressing up, "unboxing" the new outfit), and the tear-down (getting everything messy!) Well almost everything ;)...hopefully everything will be messy on the next part! Looking forward to that!

"One of my favorite scenes ever!"
ruegger  7/28/16

This is one hell of a scene and definitely one of the Rev's best!

Fans of build up, storylines, humiliation, beautiful girls, nice outfits, clothes trashing, shoe filling, handbag wrecking and destroyed underrwear are sure to love this scene. The ladies are stunning, the outfits are perfect, the story builds and adds to the anticipation and the mess is superb. I'd recommend this scene to everyone!

"A classic in the making. Just buy it!"
PiePiskie  7/28/16

Wow what a scene! I have always enjoyed the Rev's clips but this is one of his best. All three ladies are stunning--their outfits, acting and delivery are top notch.

If you are a fan of build ups to a messy scenario you are going to love the first scene. From seeing Pandora putting on that amazing white dress, to Honour and Satine discussing the set up and admiring the pies. It all just heightens the anticipation.

The start of the second scene teases you further with Honour and Satine bending over to inspect the messy goods. Then the messy fun begins! Satine's expressions are so good you could just watch her but then you would miss Pandora's well acted "horror" at her humiliation. Not forgetting Honour's masterful delivery and on going commentary which just adds to the excitement.

Roll on part two

"All stand for Judge Maria!"
PiePiskie  7/26/16

Judge Maria has some big shoes to fill with taking on the Judge Jessie role but she does it so well. Maria is such a sploshing star, so sexy and a good actress. She delivers Rev's lines so well and I should imagine improvises as the scene develops during filming.

A lovely messy Honour delights in getting involved in Ariel's sploshing. I think Ariel is going to be a star of the future and I hope we going to see her in more of the Rev's scenes in the future.

"A great buy"
challenge  6/28/16

This is great, Jessie is lovely all innocent and sexy. But the auction progresses and she gets a bit naked. Then gunged. I got so excited as she was Gunged as the build up is great. This is a brilliant video and very different from most of the others. A great buy.

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