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"If only there was sexual touching."
Bought it. One of the most sensual scenes I have ever seen especially with the huge creamy pies this guy gets in the face. But SO disappointing that the clean guy doesn't once touch and mess up the other dudes butt or cock. It leads up to that but nothing happens. Super exciting than super disappointing. PiemeLA, Monday
"A ghostly tale"
Maria looking hot as hell, slime, pies, ice cream, humour, humiliation... This bundle and the two scenes contained in it have all you could want and more. I love that as the scenes go on and the messier Maria gets the more stand out her pretty eyes are. The final minute of dialog is hilarious and shows why The Rev is currently my favourite producer. Ray_BLOODY_Purchase, 20 days ago
"Classic MJ"
Classic Messy Jessie. She really could take a quality humiliation and look great doing it.

I love that Lara and Cherry take great pleasure in messing up and punishing Jessie and I cant help but enjoy the gunge down the top and Trifle face! Ray_BLOODY_Purchase, 20 days ago
"A textbook example of how to wam"
Maria and the Rev show once again why he is currently one of the best wam producers in the business and why Maria is one of the best models. This is a textbook example of both humiliaion and wam, Rev throws everything at poor Maria and she takes it like a champ. Can't help but recommend this film. Ray_BLOODY_Purchase, 20 days ago
"Great pie fight"
Good fun--2 nice looking lads having a tit for tat fight that they actually seem to enjoy! Great value. More, more, more... please. PaulJ888, 5/24/19
"Accent porn!"
ughghgighhghghg... Sorry. This movie made me forget how to type. Fuck. What can I say? This movie has converted me. I was never a fan of joi movies, but this is just fucking bliss. Her accent, how she gets int the mess, how she sits hard in the cake, and how she says "Watch this" before getting gunged. I love this movie. I am a huge Honour May fan. When you watch this, you will be too! ItsJay, 3/15/19
"I almost feel sorry for these two... What a mess!"
This is the final part of the movie. Seeing the models slip and slide their bodies together is amazing. Once they get naked they sit in the mess they created, and its a wonderful puddle of goo! Just when you think its over, they get a big bucket of thick porridge!

I wonder if these two will do a men in need chapter 2. ItsJay, 3/10/19
"Funny and sexy!"
This is where things get very, very messy! After pants filling, Louise gets gunged with the thickest gunge I have ever seen! This is like cement! I love it. +The accents are fucking hilarious. If you are a fan of s.p.l.o.s.h. You need to buy this. Its one of the few wam movies that actually made me laugh! ItsJay, 3/10/19
"Blue balls indeed!"
Both models start of dressed up and both look stunning. Perfect hair, make up and dresses. As soon as the first pie in the face happens, it soon gets very messy. This is a must have for mostwam/clothed wam fans! ItsJay, 3/10/19
"Been waiting years for something like this!"
I have been waiting years for a movie like this! A gunge tank with pies, cake sitting and other mess. The slime is nice and slimy, and Kacie obviously loves it. Just when you think all the mess is used up, she pulls out a bucket of slopy purple goo. This is the dream gunge tank. I hope we see more like this! ItsJay, 3/10/19
"Excellent scene! Great acting. How about a scene with real pies?"
Excellent scene! Love the acting. Paty is a really cute girl. Hope to see more of her in the future. Maybe the next time with (real) pies? This would be a blast! billy2bob, 12/29/18
"Good video."
Good video where Belle and Kylie are obviously upset & bitching at each other for what happened in part 1. Good usage of pies, treacle & syrup. Belle will strip down to her panties while Kylie will go naked in this part. Note that part 1 may be needed to fully enjoy this video. anotherUser, 12/28/18
"Best wardrobe malfunction!"
Great video. Belle and Kylie thought they were getting an easy job to do. They quickly realized that they were misleaded by Maria once gunge starts flying towards them! It's quite funny to see them trying to do their job of thanking everybody while having gunge thrown at them, specially at their faces. It's also super funny to see Kylie struggling to keep her top up until her tits are out for good! Belle stays clothed in part 1, but her white jeans are trashed. anotherUser, 12/28/18
"Lots of thing happen"
No need to know Spanish to understand what's going on in this video. Lots of thing happen in this short 7 minutes video. If you like clean nudity, white top getting soaked, fully-clothed gunging, topless gunging and nude gunging in the same video, then get this one. anotherUser, 12/28/18
"A must-have, and not just for fans of savory mess!"
I usually steer clear of the 'gross-out' side of WAM, but I will happily make an exception for Kaydens. Her playful and flirty demeanor really pulls you in as she spreads the mess over herself. Even when she's talking about how nasty it is, she oozes and drips fun. Once the panties come off, things really heat up. Round two with each of the different kinds of mess goes straight into her lap. Watching her finger fuck her messy pussy again and again was incredible, and absolutely got my mouth watering and my cock throbbing. After all that, her sweet ass bouncing up and down on the sloppy mess was the perfect dessert. WritesNaughtyReviews, 12/24/18
"One of the movies that made me join Rev's store."
This was one of the movies that made me join the site. I love how slimy the pink slime is. Even after the mud pit and gunge tank, Maria still wants more. They get mess everywhere! ItsJay, 12/16/18
"Fun to see lovely Terri-Lou get covered in pies and other mess"
Big Boobed Terri-Lou Trashed by Maria

I've been looking forward to this video being release. The anticipation was killing me...I was able to purchase it a few days ago. Very much worth the wait!

Both ladies are attractive and very appealing, the type of ladies I love to see involved in slapstick situations

It is quite fun to watch lovely Terri-Lou get slowly covered in pies and other mess by Maria and her very calm, almost soothing demeanor. Spoiler aler. Maria, looking great in her well fitting pink dress,stays clean throughout the scen. However Rev has teased in a post that Terri-Lou will get her revenge in a soon to be released pt 2. The anticipation starts again..

Compliments to Rev & both lovely ladies! Piethro2, 12/9/18
"Very hot!"
A short but sweet video! Rafa is incredibly handsome, and gets absolutely covered in mess in this hot scene! Hope to see more of him in the future! Zachariahxxx, 11/21/18
"This is a great fun video."
This was the very first video i have ever purchased on UMD. I am a fan of these types of shorts and seeing the description with some of the screen shots drew me in to make the purchase. I think what made this was the fact that they are sisters, Kacie was so funny, just had to chuckle along with her as she did. She seem to really enjoy pulling the cord to gunge Lauren, who looked great by the way.

Overall very please with this purchase. For little money, this is well worth it. windbreak, 11/2/18
"Great film great gunging great victim worth buying"
Awesome film. Very happy from start to finish. Great gunging great victim shame the socks stayed on (personal preference). Hopefully more like this will follow but I'd highly recommend and it you won't be disappointed I wasn't. SplatDave, 10/17/18
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