Miah Ties Ruby up and Teaches Her a Very Messy Lesson
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"A vintage Messy Jessie classic"

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Ruby is sitting in a chair when Miah bursts into the room "Alright you dirty cow, I'm going to punish you for stealing my boyfriend" she says. Ruby giggles nervously not sure if this is a joke, but Miah quickly starts getting pieces of duct tape and ties Ruby to the chair. "Ow!" wails Ruby trying to get free. "Stop moaning you dirty slut" retorts a clearly angry Miah

Ruby quickly becomes defiant and doesn't seem too concerned at her situation, until Miah leaves the room and returns carrying 2 creamy pies

"Look I'm really sorry" pleads Ruby but Miah isn't buying it, and gives Ruby the two pies to the face.

Ruby can't wipe her face or do anything and Miah takes her time, picking up more pies to trash Ruby with. This time she gives her a pie sandwich!

"I'm sorry" says Ruby but Miah isn't convinced. "You don't sound sorry" she says, and she's right. Ruby is still brattily defiant, and not learning her lesson.

"It was quite good so I might have to do it again" she asserts defiantly, so Miah pours a jug of chocolate sauce all over her head, before getting another jug, pulling Ruby's top forward, and pouring the warm chocolate inside, causing Ruby to squeal.

Then Miah gets two more pies and applies them to Ruby's face and shoulders.

Then Miah gets a glass of cream and pours it over Ruby's head, but still she won't submit... "He told me I was better than you" Ruby asserts provocatively, so Miah smears another pie over the top of her head.

Next it's a big bowl of rice pudding over Ruby's head. Miah is determined she will break Ruby's resistance and teach her a lesson for sleeping with her boyfriend.

Two more pies are smeared over Ruby's top, but she still refuses to heel, and just laughs at Miah's attempts to tame her.

Miah is methodical though, confident the treatment will work eventually. She gives Ruby another pie to the face, before pouring chocolate down her back. She asks Ruby if she will ever do it again, but Ruby's 'No' is very unconvincing, and Miah doesn't feel she has learned her lesson, so it's more chocolate down the back for Ruby, and then even more over the top of the head.

However, and I can't recall this before, Ruby is still laughing and refusing to be cowed, so Miah has no choice but to give up and leave Ruby laughing hysterically. (Note: Jessie often talked with me about how, though Ruby was a close friend, it was very difficult to work with her as she just outright refused to obey direction. Clearly in this scene she is meant to learn her lesson as she gets covered in mess, but instead she just continues being defiant and laughing throughout. It does make a different dynamic, though, with a recipient of a trashing refusing to knuckle under, and laughing at all the mess being thrown over her).
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