Pandora's Messy Revenge on Honour May
"Honour didn't follow the terms of the will she gets trashed"

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Honour didn't follow the terms of the will she gets totally trashed with pies, gunge, black paint!, coffee, ice cream sauce, squirty cream, trifles, foam extinguisher, yoghurt, and treacle

After trashing Pandora Blake in episode 1, so she could get her inheritance, Honour May thinks her work is done. But it turns out she didn't follow the terms of the will correctly. Satine should have been allowed to trash Pandora. And neither Pandora nor Satine are happy about it. You know what this means

Honour tries to talk her way out of it, but the ladies arm themselves, and sexy Honour doesn't stand a chance. First up Satine pours coffee all over the once beautiful white blouse, turning it see-through. She then grabs a full jug of yellow gunge and pours it over Honour's head, before handing it to Pandora who pours it over Honour's cleavage and blouse, with some of it dripping onto her trousers.

Satine then grabs a thick gooey strawberry cream pie. splat! Without preamble she gets Pandora in the face, before spreading the residue over her blouse.

Pandora then grabs ice cream sauce and to Satine's delight, Pandora squirts the gooey sauce all over Honour's cleavage, and then over her head. Both naughty girls then grab cans of squirty cream and they clover Honour's lovely trousers, and the previously clean back of her blouse. They even squirt the cream down the inside of the back of her trousers!

Pandora then pours blueberry yoghurt over the back of Honour's oh so pretty hair. At this point the girls decide they will increase Honour's humiliation by removing her ruined blouse. Then the black paint comes out..dare they? They dare... Satine throws the black paint over Honour's front and cleavage.

Then Honour's trousers are peeled off and she is left in her bra and knickers..her lovely red shoes are totally ruined.

Next it's the fire extinguisher foam spray covering Honour's long gorgeous legs before she is turned around. Pandora can't resist getting revenge for the spanking she received, and Honour's pretty bottom is spanked. Thoughtful Satine decides to cool it down with a creamy pie to that gorgeous bottom, before the fire extinguisher is used on Honour once more, whilst Satine sticks her tongue out at her.

Next Honour's bra is removed and Pandora and Satine grab a trifle each..yo know where they are going..splat! right on Honour's tits

Then while Satine holds Honour's panties open, Pandora pours thick gooeytreacle inside them...front and back. Then Pandora peels Honour's knickers down and Satine grabs a big gooey gateaux and delivers a fantastic pie to the pussy and Honour's humiliation is complete. Honour apologises and she and the girls make up. Honour leaves and Satine and Pandora laugh and gloat about how much fun it was destroying Honour!

It looks like only Satine will get away clean..
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