Antony + Ramon Tricked Again: Stripped + Pied by Girls
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Poor Antony and Ramon. Always they try and outsmart the girls, and always they end up naked, covered in pie, and humiliated.

In this story the guys, wearing button shirts and shorts, pass another booth run by the girls... but this one says 'See 2 naked girls for $40. There's no mention of pies, and the guys are desperate to see what sexy girls like Yiyi and Tefy look like naked, so Ramon gets his money out.

The girls are dressed in short sexy dresses, and Ramon can't wait to see what they look like underneath. Antony is more cautious. He notices there are pies on the table and is suspicious. He tries to persuade Ramon it is a trap. Tefy promises they won't use the pies on the guys, but says if they don't believe her, and don't want to see her naked, that's fine. The boys can't resist, and pay their money. Now Tefy and Yiyi pretend to act really shy. Blushing and acting embarrassed. They say although the boys can see them naked, they don't want the boys to see them actually stripping... or to see their panties, so they will blindfold the boys while they are stripping... then they will remove the boy's blindfolds once they are naked. So the boys will still get to see them naked. Antony looks suspicious but Ramon says 'Sure'

The girls tie blindfolds over the boys' eyes and say 'okay... we are stripping now', and at the same time with a shhh to the camera Tefi quietly takes off the guys' shirts. Yiyi goes behind the boys and pulls both their shorts and pants down exposing them totally, and then she takes off their blindfolds and to their horror... they've been tricked again while Yiyi distracts the boys by saying... 'our dresses are coming off... we are undoing our bras... now we are peeling down our panties", Tefy picks up two big tall pies and nails each of them with a huge cream pie to the face and then another each to the crotch as Yiyi gets pictures of their humiliation on her phone. Tefy does plenty of laughing / pointing / jumping up and down/ clapping... her usual wonderful gloating

The guys can only stand there humiliated and looking defeated. Then Yiyi puts her phone down somewhere safe, and now both girls are doing loads of their wonderful gloating... sticking their tongues out, clapping and more.

Tefy finds another pie and walks over as if she is going to pie Yiyi with it, but Yiyi shakes her finger no and points at one of the guys and Tefi pies him with it, as the girls do some final laughing and gloating The boys leave... embarrassed and humiliated... and blaming each other.

After the boys have left, Yiyi picks up another sign... it says 'See two hot girls naked for free... just for you.'

Tefy makes the shhhh gesture to the camera and the 2 girls do a slow sexy striptease for you (including unhooking each others' bras) till they are naked, and show off their bodies a little before waving goodbye.

This scene was a custom. If you would like your own affordable custom, just drop me a line.
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