Naughty Girls Give HJs, Then Pie Guys with 'cum' Pies
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Tefy's birthday present for Yiyi is quite unusual. First she forgot to buy anything, so when Yiyi reminds her it's her special day, she has to go all out. What does Yiyi like? Humiliated stripped messy guys! So Tefy gets 2 men, strips them naked and gift wraps them... well she ties a bow round their penises and it's the thought that counts, right?

She blindfolds Yiyi and brings her in before undoing the blindfold and revealing the present. But she isn't finished!

Naughty Tefy wants to give these guys the ultimate cfnm humiliation with pies... so she starts giving the guys a handjob before making them 'self service'. The guys turn around for some privacy... and the naughty girls pie their bare bottoms. Then Tefy gives each guy a handjob until they cum on a pie. Before shoving the pie in the guy's face!

There are plenty more pies left tho, and the girls make sure to use them all, to cover and destroy the two hot guys with mess. I really think the guys must enjoy being humiliated by 2 gorgeous girls as they keep coming back for more!

You'd think Yiyi would have forgiven Tefy for forgetting her birthday, after this incredible present, but Yiyi is a bit of a diva, so to help remind Tefy she shoves the last pie, and also her lovely birthday cake in Tefy's face so she is the only one clean. For Yiyi it really has been a fantastic birthday!

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billy2bob  4/21/19
Absolutely great vid, a highlight of the "Venezuela series"! The HJs take it to another level. But the best of all are the two gorgeous girls. They are completely breathtaking in their spontaneity and playfulness. Believe me: a man who isn't in love with Yiyi and Tefy after watching this vid must be dead .   Edit  Report
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