Epic 9 Girl Restaurant Pie Fight!
"A massive 32 minute piefight + free 15 minute cleanoff bonus"

Slymsford's Sploshers and Mostwam combine for the WAM event of the year.

It's got nine girls... and they all get thoroughly pied! The massive pie fight scene runs for over half an hour... wow

The 9 girls are Satine Spark and Messy Michelle from Slymsford's, and from mostwam there's Casey, Charlotte, Lisa, Sky, Bobi, and Ania

plus there's a bonus 15 minutes of the girls getting hosed down.

Two of the most trusted names in WAM come together to bring you this unique event.

When snooty customer Satine complains that her pie is slow in coming, waitress Lisa 'accidentally' trips and pies her in the face... setting in motion an epic 9 girl piefight that lasts more than half an hour. A scene you'll watch again and again and again.

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Reviews from Paying Customers:

"An absolute pleasure to see those creamy pies in the ladies faces"
Restaurant Pie Fight.

This scene starts wonderfully with marvellous anticipation of that first rude lady (Satine Spark) getting a pie in her face and when it happens its done so very well by (Lisa Mooning) and with all the other ladies laughing at Satine as she reacts just so brilliantly, its a great opening.

All the Ladies are stunning and beautifully-dressed and made up. The overall scene is very authentic and has a nice restaurant feel to it.

Satine is not impressed that her friend Messy_Miss Michelle is even laughing at her too so just has to take her revenge by pushing her face in her creamy pie dessert, much to the other ladies amusement.

A very unladylike creamy pie epic now unfolds with some amazing pies in the face and comic acting too.The ladies one by one get their just desserts, the delivery of the pies is just so well done and the ladies reactions are priceless. Sky takes a wonderful thrown pie in her face and takes her revenge on her friend Bobi for laughing at her by giving her a sumptuous creamy pie in the face.

The restaurant manager ( Charlotte Mostwam) now enters to see the chaos and mess in her nice new restaurant and is not impressed, even less impressed when she accidentally sits in a creamy pie which had been left on her seat. Of course there follows some laughing at her plight and she takes revenge by giving the prime laughers some lovely pie humiliation.

When Casey tries to explain how things started she tries to find a pie and ends up with it of course in her face.

All the pies are quality creamy and large and the ladies delivery throughout is so well done, as is all their reactions to receiving them.

Its great to see the ladies laughing when watching others take a pie in the face.

Emily now stands up and tries to stop the unladylike behaviour and ends up with an amazing pie thrown in her face.

As the first scene draws to an end the ladies start to get seriously messy with some special messy desserts.

The second scene starts off with some full on messy desserts coming out by the waitress for the ladies to trash each over with and even gooey porridge too.A couple of nice creamy pies are provided by the waitress and it was lovely to see the manageress get her face pushed in one. Her revenge on one of the ladies laughter was pretty special such a pleasure to see.

So now Ania arrives at the restaurant looking stunning, she sits with Emily who has been waiting for her. Ania can not believe all the mess and state of the other women and Emily decides she needs to get messy with a special dessert over her head she then gets pied. Ania gets in the swing of things quickly despite her late arrival and takes her revenge. The Ladies by now are really enjoying getting messy and lots more dessert fun is indulged in. The ladies get absolutely plastered in desserts even in their shoes all so very nice to see.

Lots of squirty cream and sauce finish the second scene with all the ladies having fun.

Scene three starts with the ladies ordering more big creamy pies, the chocolate sprinkles on some of the pies really making them stand out and look so perfect.

The waitress Lisa who has remained clean whilst she had been serving the Ladies throughout the afternoon lets the ladies know that she is running out of pies and makes the mistake of telling the ladies not to waste them.

So rather than waste the lovely creamy pies the ladies sit Lisa down and give them to her one by one smoothing them into her face as she protests, she ends up totally plastered in dreamy creamy pie filling,fantastic pieing whist the ladies just laugh and giggle.

But not only does Lisa get trashed with the pies but the manageress insists that she now has to clean the whole place up or get fired.

Its always a pleasure to see the the ladies get cleaned off at the end and that looks fun too.

The scene is just simply wonderful an absolute pleasure to watch.

Well done to all who took part in making this film.

I would so love to be one of those ladies taking a pie in the face in this clip.

Also technically the quality of the film is first class, very sharp throughout.

Highly recommended

Custardpiejane. custardpiejane, 9/30/18
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"Spectacular. Classic Splosh!"
What can I say about this movie? Where do I start? Anyone who is a fan of classic s.p.l.o.s.h. from Bill Shipton, Messyfun from Rob Blaine or Pievids from Lenny or any other producers from the golden age, then you will love this. The mostwam team and Reverend Slymsford have brought classic wam into the modern age. I have watched this three times since I bought this movie. I cant stop watching.

All the models are dressed stunningly. The acting is perfect and the reactions are priceless. Even though the models knew what they were in for, it seems a lot of the pie attacks and getting messy was still a surprise. The whole thing runs as smooth as custard. This reminds me of a classic Messyfun movie called Splatgirl-Part 3. It is one of my all time favourite movies. This reminds me of it, a lot. It was a huge risk making this movie, and it paid off. I hope we can see more of this in the future. Anyone who is a true WAM fan will want to buy this.

I know if Bill and Rob were still around, they would love this.

10 out of 10. ItsJay, 6/16/18
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"Brilliant and worth the money"
Just bought this and watched it! Well worth the money! Brilliant, great camera work and nicely edited for a smooth flow to the action and lots of pretty girls too! myohpie, 6/7/18
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"Is the restaurant open for bookings? Cos I want a table"
Well that was something special! What started out like a very elegant evening in stylish restaurant turns quickly into a perfect epic Messy slapstick Bonanza. Pies and mess flying everywhere and dumped on everyone in this glorious scene. Anyone looks stunning in their beautiful dresses and everyone still looks stunning at the end covered in pies

A massive thank you to everyone involved and if you haven't bought it yet, what are you waiting for... You won't be disappointed CalGungeFan, 5/2/18
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"Slapstick pie masterpiece"
The Rev has truly outdone himself with this masterpiece. Anyone who is a fan of his work or a fan of slapstick humiliation will love this scene. The girls look amazing and the mess is epic. The slapstick setups and lines are spot on as well. 10/10! ruegger, 4/17/18
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"A "Don't Miss It!" for pie fight fans"
This was a fantastic video for those that love the tit-for-tat pie fight. The women are gorgeous, as were the camerawork and lighting. Rev says he put alot of time and effort into this and boy, it shows. The pies, a Moonin specialty, are top-notch. And even better, it just wasn't pies! There was porridge, pudding, canned whipped cream, and more. And because of the variety of substances, the girls each looked different covered in the mess. I really enjoyed how the video evolved into a free-for-all with the girls just throwing anything anywhere. Every shot was carefully choreographed and every pie and gunge was captured. The girls really seemed to be enjoying themselves doing the scene, and I am sure you will enjoy this too. Bozo1, 4/12/18
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pleasepieme1981  4/28/19
Love this scene. Def one of my favorites. I only wish that, towards the end, when the manager tells the waitress to clean up everything, the waitress would've grabbed a pie, smashed it in the manager's face and declared, "I QUIT!" and stormed out. But minor critique, this is well worth the money.   Edit  Report
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