Faye Pie Punished For Flashing Panties..final Part
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In the second and final exciting part, the gorgeous Faye Taylor is trashed by her boss, with pies, chocolate gunge, paint and much more. Her stockings and suspenders and knickers come off, and she ends up naked and covered in mess...wonderful!

We start with a recap of part 1 where Faye is accused of accidentally flashing her knickers, and must be punished. (https://umd.net/download_info/naughty-faye-punished-with-pie)

and then we pick up part two, with Faye in her sexy underwear. Mortimer gets a bowl of ready brek and gets Faye to hold the back of her knickers open while he drizzles the ready brek inside. As Faye is wearing a thong the ready brek goes over her bare bottom cheeks too and she rubs it in. Next he grabs a massive pie and makes Faye bend over before splatting it into her bottom

At this point we suffered a camera glitch, during which time Faye lost more clothes, so we resume with Faye in just her knickers, and Mortimer holding yet another pie. Mortimer gives Faye the 'pie boobs' treatment. He then gets Faye to get the remainder of the pie and 'condition' her hair with it. Next he turns his attention to her wristwatch, and coats it in ready brek, before poring the rest of the readybrek over Faye's head and her shoulders.

Next Faye is made to remove her knickers, and put them into her handbag. Then while the handbag is held open., creme freche is poured in to completely ruin the knickers. Faye holds them aloft to show they are totally trashed. Then, Mortimer delivers a thick gooey pie to the pussy Next up it's the chocolate gloop over the hair, and then Mortimer makes Faye grab handfuls of whipped cream and rub it over her boobs.

Then Mortimer gets some strawberry yoghurt and throws it in Faye's face and over her beautiful naked body

Then it's another pie to the face, followed by more gloop poured over her body.

Finally Mortimer opens a tin full of blue paint. Over her head it goes, and all down her body. Then she is made to rub it in too. Finally her punishment is over and she has learned her lesson "I won't be flashing her knickers anymore " she promises..but if this is the consequence, lets hope she does.
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