Faye Vs Honour: The Utterly Messy Quiz Part 1
Starring these models:
"Savoury and sweet forfeits when 2 girls from the football team have a quiz"

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Faye and Honour are stars of the football team. They have prepared lots of food to restore their stamina after the big game..not just pies, but also baked beans, rice pudding, spaghetti hoops, mushy peas and more.

They start the scene getting changed into their lovely football uniforms. Their clothes come off revealing their lovely boobs, bottoms and pussies..before they get changed into their special unifor. from their special pe knickers, to their lovely tops and shorts.

As they chat they get into some friendly banter about Faye's love of Doctor Who. Then..nightmare..the game is cancelled, and all the lovely cakes and food will go to waste.

The girls pick up a few cakes and talk about them..then Honour has an idea. She will quiz Faye on Dr Who..for every question Faye gets right, she gets to pie Honour...but for every one Faye gets wrong, Honour gets to splat her with a messy forfeit.

The girls start the quiz...

It won't spoil it too much to say that both girls get very very messy

(producers note: In rl Faye, like your producer, is a huge Doctor Who fan...and played the quiz unscripted and for real. There is huge warmth and chemistry between the 2 girls..there is lots of laughter and genuine excitement from Faye when she gets a question right..it really is for you if you like girls having fun in a warm natural style..and getting totally messy. If you love seeing the 'real person' (rather than the model persona) come out then this is the video for you..& Faye is so so naturally funny in this, it is a joy to behold )
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