Gtg Mostwam Vs Slymsford's Ep 1. Sky Vs Michelle
Starring these models:
In this very special Slymsford's v Mostwam episode of Gungetank Girls, Sky and Michelle play Ker-plunk.

Who drops the balls and ends up gunged... Sky or Michelle?

As always with Gungetank Girls, there really is a winner and a loser.

None of the girls playing the games actually know if they will end up getting Gunged or not?

So will it be Michelle or Sky who gets to stay clean... and who ends up taking a thorough gunging?

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Reviews from Paying Customers:

"Mind Blowing!"
Very competitive scene. Girls looked like that had a blast and it was unknown to the very end who would end up in the gunge tank. I don't want to spoil the ending, but the gunging was amazing. Looking forward to purchasing the second clip. Jay31, 6/8/18
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"Absolutely fantastic"
Absolutely amazing clip the girls where fantastic and a laugh through the clip and the overall loser took the gunging like an absolute professional excellent coverage as per usual thanks to the mostwam team and the look on the losers face when leon does his tidal wave trick was priceless all in all a huge round of applause to everyone involved 10/10 well worth the purchase cant wait for ep2 and the rest. TnaMaster, 5/23/18
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"A fantastic collaboration"
I bought this scene to see what the combination of two WAM powerhouses would be like. What can I say? It is a spectacularly well thought out game with a spectacular and wholly unexpected winner and loser. The gunging is one of the best gunge tank gungings I have ever seen. It is well worth a look and a purchase. Rev and Mostwam have knocked it out of the park with this scene. I look forward to the next scenes they create. noideer, 5/23/18
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