Get Your Own Back Parody: Michelle Vs Cleo
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It's a very special edition of Get Your Own Back, where roommates Michelle and Cleo compete across 3 exciting rounds to determine who will get their own back on their friend.

Please note: If you need to know who wins before purchase, just DM me or email and I will happily let you know

Michelle and Cleo are introduced and just as in the real show, they explain the annoying habit of their roommate that means they want to 'Get Their Own Back'.

They are dressed in authentic gyob outfits too, with Michelle competing for the blues, and Cleo for the yellows

With the gunge tank an ominous presence behind them, the girls compete across three rounds and the scores swing back and forth bringing joy and despair and despair and joy as the contestants change positions in the leader board. At the end the final scores are announced and the loser is forced to do a walk of shame into the gunge tank.

The host then offers a lifeline... answer 3 questions correctly, and she will be saved and the other girl gunged instead.

When that aspect is over, the final accounting is reached and the victim can only await her fate, as the victor is invited to 'pull the chord, and get your own back'.

Designed to replicate the real authentic feel of gyob, the scene runs nearly half an hour, utilising two camera angles, and offers great value.
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"The perfect scene for a gyob lover"
The perfect remake. The best film I've ever brought by a long shot. Great build up with fun and games before a great gunging and to top it off both contestants are barefoot. Can't reccomend this enough. Well worth buying. Well done to the producer hopefully its the start of a great and lengthy series. SplatDave, 10/17/18
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