John's Revenge Trashing of Bob :with Help from Messy Ma
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After a recap of how Bob and Messy Ma trashed John, we are off and running with John's revenge. Bob can't believe it when Messy Ma suggests to John that he might like to practice doling out the mess.

John, on the other hand, thinks getting some revenge is a great idea, and Messy Ma is only too happy to lead the 'training'. She pours blue slime over Bob's head, and all down his shirt. John loves this, and then takes his turn, pouring yellow slime over Bob. Then of course they make Bob take his shirt off, before Messy Ma gives him another yellow sliming. Then he is made to remove his trousers, and John douses him in pink gunge.

Then his briefs have to come off and he is left completely naked and Ma and John cover him in melted chocolate, John takes care of the front, and Ma the back.

Then Ma hands John a cake and asks him to give it to Bob. Though Bob protests and pleads, John isn't going to miss the opportunity, and he shoves it in Bob's face.

Finally Ma takes great delight in smearing a thick creamy pie over Bob's cock and balls. She then dismisses the two totally trashed guys... and then Ana comes out from her hiding place where she has watched the lot, and she and Ma laugh and gloat about how well Ana's naughty plan has worked. Two trashed guys instead of one... just brilliant.

They high five to celebrate their success.
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Muddawg  5/17/19
Wow, this is hot. John and Bob are lucky guys   Edit  Report
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