New Hot Guy John Trashed and Stripped Naked by Bob + MM
Starring these models:
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It's time for new model John to have his interview... and we all know what that means! Ana greets him beforehand, and when he shows her the expensive new clothes he has brought for his interview, he is delighted!

Ana and Messy Ma are looking at all the slime they have got ready, excited to get to trash a new model, while pretending it is 'training' them... but Ana suggests maybe using another guy to help trash John. She tells Ma she will ring Bob and see if he is happy to help. She makes another suggestion to Messy Ma... and then leaves. Now we see Bob and Messy Ma and they are ready to trash poor John. When he finds out his 'interview' means his lovely new clothes will be ruined with slime, John protests... but Bob and Messy Ma don't care and they start to trash him anyway.

Bob pours light blue slime over John's head and onto his new shirt and trousers, before Messy Ma adds insult to injury by pouring yellow slime over him too.

Then poor John is made to remove his shirt and trousers, leaving him in only his boxers. Bob pours yellow slime over his bare chest, and underwear, before Ma follows suit with pink slime.

Then Ma breaks the news that he has to get naked. Poor trashed John is not happy but he has come this far so he removes his boxers and stands naked. Ma and Bob bring out the melted chocolate. Bob pours it down John's chest and it flows freely down, coating his todger too.

Then they turn him round and pour the chocolate down his back, and over his bottom.

John's ordeal isn't over. Messy Ma hands Bob a cake and invites him to do the honours.

He splats it right into John's face, and then Messy Ma grabs herself a thick and creamy pie and pies John's cock, covering it in thick cream pie filling, while she and Bob laugh at his embarrassment and humiliation, as the scene fades out.
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