Maria's Epic Gunging in the Gunge Tank
"Judge Patience Part 2"

Having been thrown in the mudpit, Maria is now placed in the gungetank. Can she talk her way out of a major epic gunging that will cause her boobs to spill out of her dress with it's sheer intensity. Spoiler: No she can't! Judge Patience continues her bizarre way of determining Maria's innocence or making allowing Alais to demonstrate on Maria what she says was done to this case a thorough gunging. Patience and Alais find Maria's humiliation hysterical, laughing and pointing at her. But is Alais as innocent as she pretends..or do you cruel lot not care as long as Maria is destroyed with thick gloopy green gunge?

Special low launch price for first two weeks only.

The scene utilises a front facing camera and also a special overhead gunge camera so you don't miss anything. An amazing 11 minute clip of an epic gunging. Plus..a bonus clip of all the overhead footage

and another bonus clip where Maria tries to distract the cameraman in a way we're sure you'll love.

File count:3
Total size:886.32 MB
Runtime:24 mins, 34 secs
Scene ID:26390

Includes these files:
5,349 Kbps
441.58 MB
11.5 minutes
8,473 Kbps
89.95 MB
1.5 minutes
4,292 Kbps
354.8 MB
11.6 minutes

"Absolutely fantastic"
Great revenge scene love marias cockeyness all the way thru and her reactions were grear to the gunging judge patience was hilarious and stern would love to see her get her commupance for being so strict all in all a great clip. TnaMaster, 7/24/18
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