'Miss WAM' Aftershow Party 3 Girl Pie Fight
"A Spanking, and a piefight between the winner, runner-up and waitress"

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It's a 3 girl pie fight at the Miss Wam aftershow party with Runner-Up Ariel Anderssen, Winner Honour-May and Waitress Mypierogative Maria

It is the after-show party for the 'Miss WAM' contest. First to arrive is runner -up Ariel Anderrsen, closely followed by the winner Honour-May. They have each brought a cake to add to the large collection there already...they compare cakes and examine them closely. It quickly becomes apparent there is some professional jealousy, and that hosting a party with creamy desserts for participants in a Miss WAM contest might be a bad idea. After some catty comments, Ariel boasts about her ability to take a long hard spanking, so Honour puts her over her knee and spanks her bottom...though Ariel is not impressed with her efforts.

Soon the catty comments increase and with both girls holding pies it can only end one Way

splattt! Probably the hardest hit in one of my scenes so far, and it reminds me slightly of the one in the famous Redd scene Honour retaliates with a creamy cake to Ariel's face..followed by a thick creamy pie down the front of her dress. Ariel is not taking that and another thick creamy pie ends up smeared down Honour's dress and winner's sash

Honour pics up another pie and smashes it onto Ariel's head..'Oh yeah..I went there' she taunts 'what are you going to do about it?'

Ariel shows her by picking up a gooey creamy chocolate trifle and depositing it on Honour's head.

All the time waitress Maria is openly laughing and poitning..she finds it hilarious that the 2 beauty queens are destroying each other with pies. The tit for tat continues when Honour picks up another gateaux and splats it down the front of Ariel's gorgeous dress.

As Maria roars with laughter Honour finally challenges her 'you think this is funny?'. She picks up a jug of chocolate gunge and pulling open the front of Maria's maid's outfit she pours it in...

'how funny is that?' she asks Maria

Then as Ariel picks up the next pie, Maria litterally grabs a handful of topping and shoves it into Areil's precious handbag 'That's my handbag' wails Ariel...'not hers' Maria tries to talk her way out of it, but Ariel smears the rest of the pie down the front of Maria's lovely maid's outfit. Maria won't take that from anyone and grabs a chocolate cake... splattt..right in Ariel's face.

To be continued

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