Naughty Schoolgirl Kayleth Trashed by Headmaster
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Naughty Schoolgirl Kayleth thinks the headmaster is a soft touch and that she will get an easy punishment for not wearing the correct uniform. But when she laughs at his attempts to discipline her, he decides to try something new, and proceeds to cover her in pies and assorted mess.

Kayleth is caught by the headmaster wearing the wrong underwear. She hates her regulation school knickers, they are so boring... but now she is in trouble.

Luckily the punishment is a spanking and the headmaster is rubbish at spanking... Kayleth can't help laughing at his feeble attempts to spank her.

This gets his dander up, and he decides to try an alternative punishment

Kayleth takes melted chocolate, Carnation Caramel, rice pudding, pies and diluted cocoa powder

Her hair gets ruined and she is forced to give it two messy 'shampoos' as is is turned 'brunette' and then 'blonde'.

Her school blouse and skirt are totally trashed and there is knicker filling, with her regulation panties perfect for loading with mess. She ends up stripped to topless and her lovely big boobs get covered of course... but as she has remained cheeky and defiant throughout, do you think she needs even more punishment?

Mrs Rev makes her directorial debut on this scene, and whilst I don't know who plays the headmaster, he looks exceedingly distinguished, it has to be said .
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