Humiliated Pie Stooge Ramon Accidentally Pied by Tefy
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Tefi and Yiyi start naked then chat briefly about how much fun it is to trash and humiliate guys. But Tefy says she didn't like it when Yiy pied her one time. Yiyi just giggles and says it was great... Tefy looked so stupid covered in pie. They both put on panties (no bras!), and then Tefy puts on a skirt and blouse, and Yiyi puts on a pretty dress. Yiyi leaves first... and Tefy tells the camera (in Spanish) that she will get her revenge on Yiyi when she has a chance

We cut to later on. Yiyi is kissing Ramon. Tefy appears behind Yiyi and Tefy is carrying a big shaving foam pie She grins and gestures to you that she is going to pie Yiyi

She sneaks up behind Yiyi and taps her on the shoulder

Yiyi turns round and Tefy says "here's a present for you" and tries to pie Yiyi... but Yiyi ducks down... and Tefy pies Ramon in the face instead.

Yiyi is laughing because Tefy missed her... but, after her shock subsides, Tefy is laughing too... as she got to pie a guy again. They are both delighted and are laughing and pointing at Ramon and there is lots of gloating / tongue sticking out at Ramon. They smear the giant pie all over Ramon, and then Tefy grabs a can of shaving foam and sprays it all over poor Ramon. The girls even have a celebration hug before the leave. Ramon can't believe it... covered in pie cream again! He looks shocked and humiliated as the scene fades out.
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