Tefy Slimed For Not Standing Up To Antony
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Genesis has just finished helping Tefy trash her hopeless boyfriend Antony. But Genesis is getting fed up of always having to step in. She feels Tefy needs to be stronger and more in control. So she decides to reinforce this lesson by trashing poor Tefy!

After a brief recap of Tefy and Genesis destroying Antony, we pick up the story where Tefy is saying goodbye to Genesis. However Genesis says she is fed up being asked to help Tefy sort out her problems. She needs to stand up to Antony, and to give her some motivation to do so, she says she is going to punish her for not standing up to him.

First Genesis pours light blue slime over Tefy's head, and follows it up by drenching her with a tub of dark blue slime.

She makes Tefy remove her ruined dress, leaving her in only her panties, and then Genesis pours green slime all over her tits.

Next Tefy is made to remove her panties, and she turns round while melted chocolate is poured over her beautiful bare bottom. Then Genesis turns her around and pours blue slime over Tefy's beautiful bare pussy.

Having thoroughly slimed Tefy, Genesis now grabs a gooey cake. From the expression on Tefy's face, she knows it's not for eating.

Then it's another jug of slime over Tefy's breasts and pussy, before Genesis finishes the trashing with a pie to the pussy.

Tefy leaves and Genesis tells you how much she enjoyed trashing Antony, and then Tefy.

Then we get some lovely footage of Tefy showering herself clean.
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