The Great Gunge Tank Gameshow: Adriana Gunged Twice
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Meet our new models Nikki and Adriana. Here Adriana gets her first-ever gunge tank trashing! She plays the part of a contestant on a gameshow where contestants get gunged for getting questions wrong, and she takes two gungings.

Adriana introduces herself. She's nervous as her friends have put her forward for this gungetank gameshow. She has a white t-shirt, tight black leggings, and cute ankle socks on. She's worried the t-shirt will go see-through if she gets gunged.

Just then the hostess of the show arrives. She introduces the show and picks a name from the bucket to see who is going to face the gunge tank challenge. Adriana has to sit in the gungetank and Nikki will ask her 5 questions... if she gets all five right, she gets to stay clean.

But Nikki is a cruel hostess and wants every contestant to get gunged... so she asks impossible questions. She starts by asking Adriana 'What colour bra do I have on?'. Nikki already has the gungetank remote control in her hand, so she is pretty sure she'll get to gunge poor Adriana. Adriana protests that there's no way she could know the answer, but Nikki doesn't care. Adriana guesses... but she's wrong, as it was a trick question... Nikki wasn't wearing a bra... so with great delight Nikki pushes the release button on the remote control... and Adriana gets gunged.

For those of you who love natural reactions, Adriana's are completely natural and just what you would expect from someone being gunged in a gunge tank for the very first time.

We get to see the gunging from two angles, including a wonderful close-up.

Adriana gets the next 3 questions correct and it looks like she may escape a second gunging on the final question... but then Nikki asks her another impossible question (what colour panties am I wearing?) for her final question. When Adriana protests that it must be against the rules, Nikki points out there are no rules on this show!

Adriana of course gets the answer wrong, and Nikki takes great delight in pushing the button again and releasing the gunge.

The thick black gunge pours fourth over Adriana again... covering any areas that somehow escaped a coating last time, "I think the viewers at home quite enjoy seeing you absolutely trashed" laughs Nikki

Again we get to see the gunging from 2 terrific angles.

As to how Adriana got on in the Gunge Tank Challenge... Nikki sums it up in just two words

"Challenge Failed!"
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