The Won Show: Gloating Co-presenter Gets Trashed
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Belle has really enjoyed seeing lead presenter Patience trashed and stripped naked..but she's gloated that bit too now it's her turn to get destroyed with mess and end up naked

In the first Won Show clip Snooty Presenter Patience got her comeuppance for insisting she present the Dreams Come True segment of the Won show, when the viewer requested that Patience be systematically destroyed by various messes and gunges (

Belle however is totally clean and finds it hilarious that Patience is now naked and trashed and can't wait to see what the viewer wants to do next. She doesn't even get suspicious when the viewer asks them to change seats.

When Patience reads the letter and it says that Nick's dream is for Belle to get messy too, she begs...'Oh no..please' But it's no use and soon the blue gunge is being poured over her gorgeous hair and down her face Next it's cold icecream over her pretty skirt and the top of her lovely long legs, followed by a jug of pouring cream too

Next Nick's letter says he'd love to see Belle without a skirt on...Belle stands up and reluctantly takes it off..revealing she isn't wearing any panties...oops!

She then has to take her top off freeing her beautiful boobs, and is now totally naked

Belle is then made to bend over, and her beautiful naked bottom is hit with pies and other assorted mess

Both girls are then sprayed from off camera by the gunge gun

Belle then decides she's had enough and grabs the slops bucket and pours the contents over Patience's amazing boobs. Then she pours custard into Patience's hair, and at this point Nick's letter is forgotten, as seeking revenge Patience grabs a pie and splats Belle's beautiful hair with it, before throwing rice pudding over Belle's impressive front

"You bitch" yells Belle but Patience isn't for stopping and she grabs a pie and gives Belle a pie to the pussy

The girls then trade pies to the boobs..Belle rubs the pie into her boobs. It doesn't help clean her up, but watching Belle rub pie cream into her amazing breasts, I am sure we are all glad that she did it! Luckily she inspires Patience to do the same thing, and soon both girls are rubbing their boobs

The producer brings the girls back to Nicks's letter..he wants them to end by sitting in the mess on the floor together and thanking him for his letter, whilst they each receive a final gunging. This video was a custom and so you see a little outtake at the end where the girls joking tell 'Nick' to 'fuck off' for commissioning a scene that got them so messy . Incidentally the customer was delighted and wrote: "great job all round" and has come back and commissioned more. If you would like your own custom, then send me a direct message and you'll see how affordable it can be

The scene concludes with a short clip of naked Belle and Patience showering together

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