TV Audition: Three Guys Pied and Stripped by Girls
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Uh oh! The girls are at it again! These girls present a cable baking show but ratings are struggling. They decide to.audition for a sexy guy to be their assistant. They don't mention the guy is to be a stooge, likely to be stripped and pied. Sometime later... they let the 3 candidates in. The two girls giggle and point and whisper a little. They are pleased the guys are handsome and they are excited they will to see them naked soon.They make them line up... a little way apart, and Tefy tells the guys they have to strip to underwear. The guys seem reluctant but the girls say if they don't, they won't get the job.

The three boys slowly strip to underwear amid more giggling and pointing from the girls. Then they give the boys two pies each to model and pose with. The boys pose holding the pies and Yiyi takes her phone and begins taking pictures.

Then Tefy goes behind Antony and pulls his underwear down (to his shock), so he's now naked and holding 2 pies. Tefy then pies Antony in the face with one of the pies he is holding... (Tefy and Yiyi find this hilarious... the boys are all horrified and shocked). She then pies him in the face again with his other pie.

Tefy then strips and pies Ramon and Rafa too, while Yiyi laughs and takes photos. "Oh my god!" giggles Tefy in English.

Now all 3 guys are naked and have been pied in the face twice. The boys are in shock, so the girls get more pies and pie cocks, and bottoms (all while laughing and giggling and taking photos)

Then they pie each guy in the face one more time... they really are loving humiliating the guys with creamy pie mess.

The girls take more pictures to share with their friends... and then openly discuss who looks the hottest.

They declare Ramon the winner and tell him the good news and he steps forward. They tell him he starts the job on Monday and to expect lots of pies and they grab 3 more pies each and get him all over (inc face, bottom, and crotch) At the end the boys leave sheepishly, and then the girls laugh (and squeal) about how much fun it was humiliating and embarrassing the boys, getting to see them naked and pie them all over. The dialogue is in Spanish but the mess is universal!
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