Bridesmaid Vs Waitress Messy Catfight Pt 1
Starring these models:
"A tit for tat pie and cake fight in a cafe for Axa Jay and Chloe Lovette"

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When bridesmaid Chloe Lovette is offered dessert by her waitress Axa Jay there doesn't seem any issue. The girls are getting on great and Axa even shows Chloe her brand new watch. But a misunderstanding leads Chloe to think Axa wants to be pied in the face with a cake. Chloe is turned on by this idea and happily obliges, only for Axa to quickly put her straight. Things escalate quickly..with cakes to the face exchanged. Axa points out the pie she got Chloe with should be served with cream or custard, but she's so nice she lets Chloe have both..over the head . Chloe then faceplants Axa into a gooey chocolate cake

Chloe's hair, especially done for the wedding, is attacked by Axa with stick thick ice cream sauce utterly ruining it. Chloe's revenge comes via thick Chocolate custard over Axa's beautiful blonde hair, and then down the inside of Axa's sexy waitress outfit.

Axa hits back..deciding to really ruin Chloe's dress via a whole bottle of red wine..we all know those stains will never come out. She then pours more over Chloe's hair.

Chloe grabs more ice cream sauce and pours it over Axa's hair, face and down the front of her outfit. She even lifts Axa's skirt and gets some on Axa's aqua blue knickers. Axa retaliates by lifting Chloe's skirt revealing her full white knickers with a nice pussy on the front Meanwhile boob watchers will notice that the weight of Chloe's dress has caused the dress to sag, leaving her boobs on display

Axa squirts squirt cream inside the front, and then the back, of Chloe's new knickers

The trash talking continues between these two and we know that things are only going to get worse.

Please note, Due to technical issues with my old camera, there are times when the focus isn't as sharp as it should be. However there are still loads of pin sharp HD hot waitress and catfight moments..and I have knocked a quarter off the usual selling price to acknowledge this, so don't let it put you off
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Reviews from Paying Customers:

"2 parter, get both!"
Watch wam! Must buy! And this is part 1! More in part 2! I must have all the parts! :)

2 people messing each other up can never be wrong. Script is funny as an opener, and it just snowballs from there. Review was made after both parts where bought. More mess awaits in part 2! Edorin, 5/4/16
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