Honour May Self-wams, Wanks + Is Covered in 'cum'
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Honour May can't resist trashing herself... getting covered in gunge and custard and much much more, whilst she pleasures herself. But you are getting very excited too, and as she cums... you cum too, and Honour's face gets covered in sticky white fluid!

The scene is set just after Honour has finished giving you ('Matthew') joi. You have had a wank and cum... so now it's Honour's turn. She's just in her bra and panties. To turn herself on, she needs to get messy.

"Oh I love custard" says Honour as she grabs a jug of it and pours it over down her body and inside her bra cups which she has held open "Ooohh I love the way it feels when it runs down my tits" she gasps! She lets it pour down her whole body.

"I love custard down my panties... that slippery feeling of custard against my clit" she moans as she pours the custard into her knickers "Ohhh fuck!" she gasps "Oh God" and puts her hand inside her knickers and begins to rub her clit "My pussy is wet as fuck" she moans.

Next she grabs melted chocolate and pours it over the back of her pretty white panties, then having turned them brown, she pulls them open and pours the chocolate over her bare bottom, and even drips it little onto her tongue before licking it seductively.

She rubs her pussy some more and then decides to remove her bra to reveal her lovely boobs. She pours the custard all over her tits, totally coating them "A nice custard tit bath... fuucckk" she gasps with pleasure... then she rubs herself some more " I love just playing with my clit" she gasps.

Unsurprisingly you are turned on and rock hard again so she encourages you to join her in wanking... as she peels down her panties to reveal, in her words, a "messy pussy and messy chocolate arse"

Next she decides to do some cake sitting. She places a gooey chocolate cake onto a chair and says she will "squish this beautiful luscious chocolate cake right into my pussy" She lowers herself "Oh God... right up my pussy!" she moans with pleasure "I am so fucking horny" and she plays with herself some more... a very sexy sight to behold.

"The way to make me really gush... gunge!" she laughs, and calls for her butler to gunge her whilst she wanks. Her butler pours the gunge "oooohhh fuck yeah" gasps Honour "Oh yes... more" as the gunge obliterates her entire face

She rubs her clit faster and faster knowing she is on the edge of cumming, and implores you to rub your cock and cum for her at the same time. "Oh fuck... oh yes... I'm cumming... cum for me... cum for me... " she gasps and you do... covering her face in sticky white cream "Oh my god" that was a big load she sighs with pleasure as she finishes her orgasm. "Now that is a proper good sploshing" she laughs.

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"Accent porn!"
ughghgighhghghg... Sorry. This movie made me forget how to type. Fuck. What can I say? This movie has converted me. I was never a fan of joi movies, but this is just fucking bliss. Her accent, how she gets int the mess, how she sits hard in the cake, and how she says "Watch this" before getting gunged. I love this movie. I am a huge Honour May fan. When you watch this, you will be too! ItsJay, 3/15/19
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