Cheerleader V Naughty Schoolgirl Messy Catfight
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"Cheerleading Schoolgirls Ep 1..stars Kacie James and Molly"

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Kacie and Molly are schoolgirls who are both on the cheerleading team. In this episode Molly is preparing for a party with some of their cheerleading friends. Kacie is in her school uniform as she has to go out on a prior engagement.

The girls discuss the lovely pies Molly has got ready, and both lift and hold a pie.

Kacie is trying to find her favourite knickers. Molly says she hasn't seen them but Kacie doesn't believe her, and when she lifts Molly's skirt, sure enough Molly has her panties on. This causes a row between the two girls and when Molly calls Kacie a very naughty word, Kacie picks up a pie and slams it in Molly's face.

Thus begins an epic tit for tat, trash talking pie fight. Clothes, hair and make-up are ruined and soon enough the clothes come off. I say come off, as Molly ups the ante by cutting off Kacie's brand new expensive bra and knickers set, for extra humiliation. Pies, gunge, buckets of oatmeal, and slops are all used, as are trifle, yoghurt, chocolate custard and more. Molly even self-pies the knickers she is wearing as of course, these are Kacie's favourites The girls don't hold back till both are naked and totally trashed. Looking at what they have done, they sheepishly apologise to each other and hug to show they are still friends, which is great news for us, as it means there can be sequels.
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Reviews from Paying Customers:

"A classic tit for tat scene"
A good tit for tat scene with Molly and Kacie playing off each other well. They have a natural style that avoids the scene looking too set up. As always with the Rev and his lovely ladies there are some great lines and the build is well done. Some gorgeous messy bottom action is always good to see! PiePiskie, 5/12/16
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"Kacie and Molly are lovely in this messy romp!"
Kacie is gorgeous, and this is a great video. I knew that going in. I could also tell that Molly has an irresistible backside. After watching the video, I really started to like Molly more. I think the previews hadn't caught her at her best somehow. She also has a lovely body in general. Sorry to go on about that, but I like videos as much for the models as for the mess. The mess is great, as always in the Rev's videos. Myds, 3/23/16
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"Most fun, best scripted video with the amazing Kacie and Molly :)"
A video that will make you smile, laugh and has a fantastic storyline. The very beautiful and absolutely amazing Kacie and the beautiful totally fab Molly have so much fun in this scene pieing each other, pouring custard down their outfits and with some lovely gunge and rather thick porridge. The scene is about Kacie not being able to find her lingerie and asking Molly if she has happened to know if she's seen it lying around, Molly knowing where it actually is but not telling Kacie they chat about Molly's party and that she has layed out all the lovely things for it, lots of tasty and amazing looking pies, cakes and gateuxs are sat on the big table, Kacie comments on why Molly has a couple of jugs of gunge on the table, think it a bit strange, Molly replies saying it's for a quiz and if they get it wrong their getting gunged just like on the TV, they move from the kitchen to the living room and Kacie asks Molly again are you sure you haven't seen my lingerie, Molly denies this knowing she's wearing it and then Kacie attempts to lift Molly's cheerleader dress and sees she wearing it, they then start having an argument calling each other names and accusing each other which descends into each other using the lovely goodies for the party that was on the table to pie and pour over each other ruining their outfits and lingerie, Molly won't take off Kacie's lingerie so decides to rub and pie herself as of course this Kacie's lingerie so it's all messed, Molly then decides to cut Kacie's bra and it continues till the lingerie is no more and continue to pie each other, in the end all the pies, cakes, gunge, porridge are used and the party ends up being cancelled, the ending is a positive one. Definitely the best scripted video ever and Kacie and Molly perform it so well and you can really tell they had a lot of fun in this scene, definitely worth purchasing and watching over and over it is just that good. A fantastic video with two of the most amazing girls in the world. danigunge, 3/13/16
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User comments
MessyMolly  2/21/18
This was so much fun to shoot! Great work Rev! M xx   Edit  Report
RevSlymsford  3/7/16
Hi MuckyMike. Just to reassure you there are 2 big buckets of slops in this jugs of gunge. So plenty to enjoy    Edit  Report
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