Sister Pranks Sister..Kacie Gets Lauren Gunged!
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"Shiny Satin Shorts and Sportswear get trashed"

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Kacie tricks Lauren into getting a thorough gunging..and a couple of pies too.

The scene stars with Lauren James showing off her lovely sports outfit, including her lovely short, shiny blue shorts. She even does a few stretching exercises. She makes it clear she is not prepared to do any kind of stupid quiz game in this outfit as she just loves her beautiful white t-shirt, white knee socks, and blue satin shorts, and leaves for her morning run.

After she has gone, her sister Kacie appears. She says Lauren will not shut up about her lovely shorts and running outfit, but she has a plan to teach her a lesson.

When Lauren returns from her run, she reminds Kacie of how lovely her shorts are. Then Kacie breaks the news to her..she has signed Lauren up to a charity gunging. While Lauren protests, Kacie drops her further bombshell...she has told the chairty Lauren will get gunged in her precious running outfit.

Kacie says to Lauren that she's nothing but fair and has signed herself up too..but her role is to pull the chord to gunge Lauren!

Kacie reveals the gunge tank...Lauren protests that she has just had her hair and make-up done, but Kacie doesn't care and makes Lauren sit in the tank. Kacie is delighted..she is so excited to gunge her sister! (In real life she was so excited too..she couldn't stop smiling...even Lauren picked up on this!)

Kacie pulls the lever and gives Lauren an epic gunging. She stops half-way through so Lauren thinks it's all over..."I'll get my revenge" vows Lauren...only for Kacie to say 'have some more gunge' and unleash a further torrent.

Then when poor Lauren tries to exit the tank, Kacie gets her with a pie to the face, and then a pie to the bottom.

At the end of the scene Lauren apologise for not being able to keep the lovely outfit clean...but Kacie knows that this is what we really wanted to see...a gorgeous girl get a thorough gunging at the hands of her jealous sister.

(Main Scene runs for 8 mins. Then we have the bonus of the amazing go-pro coverage of the gunging from the go-pro camera on top of the tank, and some second camera footage.

Finally we have a few behind the scenes moments for you to enjoy.

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"This is a great fun video."
This was the very first video i have ever purchased on UMD. I am a fan of these types of shorts and seeing the description with some of the screen shots drew me in to make the purchase. I think what made this was the fact that they are sisters, Kacie was so funny, just had to chuckle along with her as she did. She seem to really enjoy pulling the cord to gunge Lauren, who looked great by the way.

Overall very please with this purchase. For little money, this is well worth it. windbreak, 11/2/18
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"Great film great gunging great victim worth buying"
Awesome film. Very happy from start to finish. Great gunging great victim shame the socks stayed on (personal preference). Hopefully more like this will follow but I'd highly recommend and it you won't be disappointed I wasn't. SplatDave, 10/17/18
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