3 Naked Trashed Guys Due to Rigged Quiz!
Starring these models:
"4 girls, 3 guys... but only the guys end up naked and trashed"

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TV quiz show host Ana is fed up of tv shows that conspire to show girls naked and embarrassed, so she schemes with the female contestants, and they rig the quiz so the 3 male contestants get stripped and pied, while the girls stay clean and clothed. It's cfnm and cfwm (clean females / wammed males!)

It's supposed to be a game show for couples to compete against each other, but in the girls' changing room, the 3 girls are all in agreement about how lazy and hopeless their boyfriends are. They are always flirting and don't treat them nicely. Quiz hostess Ana overhears and joins the conversation, talking about how the male producers always want to see the girls get naked and pied on the show. Men... they are all pigs! But she has an idea... she could rig the quiz so only the guys ended up naked and messy... if the girls agree... and boy do they agree!

So the quiz unfolds and contrary to their expectations, to their horror the men find they are getting all the hard questions and are rapidly losing their clothes and getting slimed and pied! Then at the end, the girls steal their clothes and run off, to maximise their embarrassment.

Enjoy the humiliation of the boys, at the hands of their girlfriends, and Ana.

Please note: The dialogue is in Spanish but the mess and humiliation is universal.
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* Promo refers only to Reverend Slymsford's Sploshers's scenes.

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