Totally Trashed 2! Maria's Naked WAM Shame
"Messy Office Ep 79 Maria returns for revenge..but it all goes very wrong"

In previous scene 'The Specially Messy Relationship' poor Maria, the boss of the US division of the company, ended up getting it good from Kitten and Jessie for boasting everything was better in the Usa. Now on her next trip to the UK, Maria has revenge in mind. In this deluxe version we start with a 'Previously on the Messy Office' montage of flashbacks from earlier scenes in The messy Office. The main scene starts with Maria gathering 'ammunition' for her messy revenge, holding each pie or cake, and talking about what she will do with each one 'ooh..right on Jessie's big tits' she gloats, as she holds a chocolate pie. Having chosen her pies, she heads to Jessie's office. However Kitten and Jessie manage to turn the tables. They tie Maria up and really go to town on their poor victim. I think these are the best pies and cakes I have used yet. They also humiliate Maria with disgusting cold coffee. Our heroines then embarrass Maria further by stripping her. Very sensibly they too take off their clothes in case they get splatter on them, ending in only their bras and knickers.

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"The really messy side of fun office politics!"
Sequels are often not as good as the original but with Totally Trashed, the follow up to Special Messy Relationship, it is just as good if not better!

As with most of the Rev's scripts the build up is excellent. I never thought taking stuff out of a fridge could be so sexy but Maria certainly achieves it with some great teasing lines and expressions of delight on what she plans to do with all the pies.

Kitten and Jessie bounce off each other so well and we discover they own some gorgeous lingerie! Poor Maria certainly does get shamed and acts out the resignation of her fate so well. If you like you messy clips well scripted, acted and with a cast of beautiful women then this is a super film to add to your collection. PiePiskie, 10/1/15
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"Don't delay download today!"
I have also downloaded two other scenes from this store as well as this one.

If you are considering ordering from reverendsl then go and do it. These scenes are very well produced and include legends from the WAM community. Each scene is very funny and enjoyable to watch and it is obvious that a lot of preperation and time has been taken to ensure that these scenes are of the highest WAMming quality.

Pies/cakes/gunge with Messy Jessie, Maria (Mypirerogative) and Kitten. What more could you ask for!

Don't delay and download today

SMC SMC27990, 8/30/15
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"Three Pros Doing What They Do Best"
This is the first time I had downloaded a scene from Reverendsl, who is fast establishing himself as a fine producer amongst the WAM community and I wasn't disappointed. There is a lot of film for your money (the vid is roughly 20mins in length) enabling the scene to be set first, with Maria picking out the desserts and describing what she intends to do with each one. Each pie, cake and dessert is described and the viewer can get a great sense as to the texture and feel of each one--not something that is always included in other produced WAM content. As the scene description states, the tables are turned on her and much to her disliking she ends up on the receiving end of all the fantastic mess.

The stars of this film are all well known within the community and is it said time and again that it makes the difference to a scene when those involved are enjoying it and is not doing it purely for the money--this is no exception.

This is a scene for those who enjoy storylines with plenty of context, build up and anticipation. The only negative I have is for a couple of seconds throughout the whole vid the lighting is not quite right, but this is only for two shortlived moments. Looking forward to seeing more produced by Reverendsl both with these models and with any future participants he decides to work with. Keep up the great work! Hue and Pie, 8/29/15
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"Maria, Kitten, and Jessie, together again! Amazing!"
Another masterpiece from the rev! Maria is an amazing model, and her fuming reactions make this careful slow burner amazing. The mess is well-chosen, as are the two agents of its deployment. All in all, an incredible video. Myds, 8/26/15
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frankmeyers1  9/11/15
You need tons more cake lol I like it better than just regular ol pies.   Edit  Report
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