Mypierogative's Erotic Self-deluge of Mess
Starring the following model:
"To show the other girls how it's done, Maria self-wams brilliantly"

File count:1
Total size:600.75 MB
Runtime:15 mins, 7 secs
Scene ID:26950

Maria erotically self-wams with paint, custard, porridge, ice-cream, pies, gunge, chocolate custard, squirty cream and even a trifle!

Erotic self-wam. Don't get me's still there's loads of laughter and fun..but if you like WAM and don't find this scene erotic, please consult a doctor, as your pulse has stopped!

In this follow up to Maria's Messy Madness, Maria is determined to show the girls who tricked her into getting messy in that scene, how you really get someone demonstrating o herself.

Maria starts by filling the inside of her dress with porridge..slowly pouring the gloop inside her once beautiful dress and then watches it ooze out at the bottom, the mess pouring over her legs. She then repeats the process, but with her dress tucked into her panties . She then decides to give herself a messy hairwash..massagin ice cream and red paint into her hair "You've really got to work it in've got to make sure it's impossible to get out' she says, as she does just that, working hard to shampoo every inch of hair

Then she turns round and lifts the back of her dress up revealing her blue knickers. She grabs a bowl of custard and pours it down into them, and watches as it fills them, and then spills out of the bottom.

Next she removes her dress and grabbing a tin of red paint, she pours it over her head. She then slowly massages it into her body, paying special attention to a couple of important areas. She then destroys her lovely watch with the red paint, before then removing her panties so that she really can massage the paint into every area.

and then she takes her gloop filled panties and slowly wrings them out over her own head! "Oh that's so humiliating" she says

Next "how about a pussy pie and a pie on the arse?" she asks...and as we raise no objections, she does both, and very lovely it is too.

Having taken pies to the pussy and bottom, she then grabs a bowl of green gunge and upends it over her head Then Maria grabs a small tub or 'pudding cup' of chocolate custard and massages it into her most intimate area and then into her tummy "In my belly button..that's just ridiculous" she laughs

Next she squirty-creams herself in the face

Then she pours golden syrup over her amazing boobs, and slowly massages it in.

Then she grabs a we're not saying Maria has a preferred area, but she massages that into her breasts too before wrapping up the video by saying she hopes the other ladies have learned how you really deliver a wamming.

Then a special treat..a behind the scenes interview with Maria whilst she's still covered in mess, during which we pay special attention to Maria's feet as she completely covers them in the slop on the floor, and then massages the mess into her feet using her hands. You feet lovers will adore this little bonus.
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